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    The Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center nurtures all who wish to practice Mindfulness. We are part of a world-wide network of communities inspired by the teachings and practices of Thich Nhat Hanh. We offer weekly mindfulness meditation groups, workshops, retreats and special events in Maryland and Washington, DC.
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  • Topics are posted on Tuesdays for discussion during our main program on Thursdays at 7pm at Crossings. See calendar for meeting time and location. All are welcome.

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    • Gampo Abbey 535
      Sat 1


      Five Mindfulness Trainings Study Group

      In the various Buddhist traditions, lay people follow a basic code of ethics known as the five precepts. The precepts encourage the practitioner to abstain from five ways of acting that create suffering for the practitioner and others: killing, stealing, engaging in sex with inappropriate partners, lying, and using alcohol and other intoxicants. In deciding to abide by them, the practitioner essentially says: “These practices are the best place for me to develop as a human being. They represent wholesome teachings for me by which I aspire to live.”

    • P1010176
      Sun 2


      Deepening our Practice: Life Lessons from the Sutras

      – A Fall-Winter "Deepening Our Practice" Group for Experienced Practitioners –
      The core of the Buddhist tradition concerns the well-lived life. How do we reduce our suffering and the suffering of those around us? And, how do we live our lives joyfully, mindfully, and compassionately? In this Deepening our Practice class we will explore these questions as we look deeply into two Buddhist sutras.

    • Every moment
      Sat 8


      Beginning Anew: an Intention and a Practice — A Day of Practice at Blueberry Gardens

      Register now. Transformation is always possible. We can change the texture of our lives, no matter what has come before. It is true that all that we feel, think, and encounter is influenced by our ancestors, parents, early childhood, schooling, friends, media, and events in our lives. However, if we can clearly see this process…

    • IMG_1964
      Tue 1


      Beginning the Year Mindfully: New Year's Day Brunch, 2019

      On Wednesday, January 1, the Still Water community will greet the New Year together at our annual New Year's Day Vegetarian Potluck Brunch. You are invited to attend with your friends and family. We will gather again this year at the home of Rachel and Michael Phillips-Anderson in Silver Spring, Maryland, beginning at 10:00 am…

    • IMG_1119 (1)
      Sat 5


      Transmission of the Five Mindfulness Trainings

      In the Still Water MPC we recite together the Five Mindfulness Trainings at our gatherings each month (on the second Thursday in Silver Spring and the second Sunday in Columbia). The trainings remind us of our deep aspiration to live every day with a calm mind and an open heart. They provide invaluable guidelines for…