Can I be a Rock and Roll Buddhist?

in: Dharma Topics
Discussion Date: Thu, Nov 16, 2017

One of my favorite Zen stories is about Suzuki Roshi, the founder of the San Francisco Zen Center, looking out at a group of his students in the 1960s and saying to them “Each of you is perfect the way you are, and, you can use a little improvement.” For me, his sentence wonderfully captures a central paradox of mindfulness practice: we are encouraged to be just who we are and, also, encouraged, to use a phrase of Thich Nhat Hanh, “to purify, subdue, and transform our mind.” How do we manage both? This Thursday evening Shawna Donaldson will open our Dharma sharing by relating some of the concerns and questions she’s encountering as she deepens her practice:  

I like to listen to rock and roll. I like to watch tv and go to movies. These things... Continued

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