Sharing Silence

in: Dharma Topics
Discussion Date: Thu, Jul 20, 2017

Dear Still Water friends,

Today, my friend and I found ourselves out in the woods in the middle of a rainstorm on an unfamiliar, poorly maintained trail. We had a vague idea of the direction we needed to go to get back to our starting point. We kept walking, listening to rain pattering, then pouring onto trees and plants around us. We ducked under hanging vines, gingerly holding back thorn bushes, and tried to avoid slipping in thick red mud that soon oozed into puddles in our trail. We were confident that we would arrive back at our starting point, and, eventually, we did, but we arrived at several other places first along the way, none of which we could have anticipated.   

My first evening of silent meditation at Still Water had a similar mysterious feeling to me. I came with a... Continued

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