We offer gratitude to Thich Nhat Hanh for his courage, love, teachings, and practice. Through his presence and writings, he has made it possible for millions of people to more fully develop their mindfulness, understanding, love, and joy. And a special thanks to Thay (as Thich Nhat Hanh is affectionately called by his students) for creating the calligraphy that we use as our logo.

Thanks to Dharma Teachers Anh-Huong Nguyen and Thu Nguyen who have selflessly nurtured and supported the Washington D.C. area mindfulness communities for more than twenty-five years.

Thanks to Holly Halvorson of HH Graphics (www.hhgraphics.net) for listening to our ideas and aspirations for a new website and patiently guiding us through the design and creation of this site. A special gratitude to the Still Water practitioners who generously contribute their time and talents to maintaining and improving our website: Abbie Chessler, Andy Streich, Connie Anderson, Dan Moore, Lori Perine, Mitchell Ratner, and Scott Schang.

Thanks to the Still Water Working Group (Abbie Chessler, Connie Anderson, Eliza King, Gene Klinger, Lori Perine, Lynd Morris, Michelle Johnson-Weider, Mitchell Ratner, Patti Murphy, Scott Schang, and Tim McCormack) who lovingly envision, plan, implement, and evaluate Still Water activities.

Thanks to the Still Water Board (Abbie Chessler, Mitchell Ratner, Scott Schang, and Tim McCormack) who provide conscientious oversight of Still Water’s financial and legal affairs.

Thanks to all the organizations who provide space for our regular weekly groups, days of practice, retreats, and other events. It is a pleasure and encouragement to have such supportive partners.

And thanks to everyone who has come to a Still Water activity, contributed, or held us in their hearts. Without this community, we could not be.