Daddy, I feel so sad

Daddy, I feel so sad

Discussion date: Thu, Nov 01, 2007 at our weekly Thursday evening practice

Dear Still Water Friends,

“Daddy, I feel so sad”
Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dear Friends,

Ivividly recall my reaction when my son, Daniel, spoke those words atage 2. I felt a mixture of concern and compassion (toward him), joy(how utterly wonderful that he could express himself so clearly!), andan edge of guilt (did I do something wrong as a father?).
Thesedays, at age 5, Daniel continues to amaze me in his willingness to letus know what’s going on in his emotional world — even though hesometimes prefers less verbal methods.
What enableschildren to be so connected with their emotions – poignant sadness,handclapping delight, fiery anger, or carefree openheartedness – and tobe so willing to communicate those feelings?
And, what isit that takes us, who have lived so much longer and gained so much moreexperience, away from those emotions? And that gets in the way of, orat least modulates, our honest expression of them?

AND, what can we learn from this as mindfulness practitioners?
You are invited to join us this Thursday, November 1, for a conversation about emotions and mindfulness.
Thebest times to join our Thursday evening gathering are just before thebeginning of our 7pm meditation, just before we begin walkingmeditation (around 7:25pm), and just after our walking meditation(around 7:35pm).
Also, this week, beginning promptly at6:30, we will have our first Thursday Orientation to mindfulnesspractice and to the Still Water community. It is a good way tointroduce friends and colleagues to our practice. (It would be helpfulif you would email to let us know you will becoming.)
Warm wishes,

Discussion Date: Thu, Nov 01, 2007


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