Dharma Topic: Celebrating Life in the Present Moment

Dharma Topic: Celebrating Life in the Present Moment

Discussion date: Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at our weekly Thursday evening practice

Dear Still Water Friends,

This Thursday, June 30, we will have a fifthThursday Tea Ceremony.

It is a time to join together after our sitting to have sometea, fruit, and other treats, and to share our songs, stories, poems, and lives.

It is a come-as-you-are affair. If you like, bring an edibletreat to share. Also, if you like, bring a musical instrument for instrumentalsor to help with the songs.

Several of our best song leaders are preparing new songs tointroduce to the community. Two of the new songs I especially like and I hope wecan sing are below.

You are invited to join us. Your presence will be a present.

The best times to join the Thursdays gatherings are justbefore the first sitting at 7 pm; at 7:25, at the beginning of walkingmeditation; or, at 7:35, at the beginning of the second sitting. (To allowothers to maintain concentration and continuity, we ask that practitioners notenter during the walking meditation.)

Peace and joy to you,

Mitchell Ratner 
Senior Teacher


From Israeli/Palestinian Retreat

I cry your tears; Do you feel my pain?

Understanding fills my heart;
Understanding fills my heart.
And peace, and peace
Whispers a new song.

I smile your smile; Do you feel my joy?

Understanding fills my heart;
Understanding fills my heart.
And love, and love
Whispers a new song.

Journey to No Where

We are moving
On a journey to no where
Taking it easy
Taking it slow

No more worries
No need to hurry
Nothing to carry
Let it all go.

Discussion Date: Thu, Jun 30, 2005


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