Dharma Topic: Creating Joy for Others and for Ourselves

Dharma Topic: Creating Joy for Others and for Ourselves

Discussion date: Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at our weekly Thursday evening practice

Dear Still Water Friends,

After our sitting on this Thursday evening, September 21,we will begin by Invoking the Bodhisattvas’ Names. In this practice, wetouch the earth while calling forth the names and qualities of the four greatenlightened beings, in order to water the seeds of wisdom, compassion, action,and aspiration in ourselves.

After the invocations, we will focus on Samantabhadra, thebodhisattva whose name means "universally extending" (Samanata)"great virtue" (Bhadra). Through service to others, Samantabhadracreates joy for others — and for himself or herself.

We invoke the name of Samantabhadra by reading the words ofThich Nhat Hanh:

We invoke your name, Samantabhadra. We aspire to practiceyour vow to act with the eyes and heart of compassion, to bring joy to oneperson in the morning and to ease the pain of one person in the afternoon. Weknow that the happiness of others is our own happiness, and we aspire topractice joy on the path of service. We know that every word, every look, everyaction, and every smile can bring happiness to others. We know that if wepractice wholeheartedly, we ourselves may become an inexhaustible source ofpeace and joy for our loved ones and for all species.

After our invocations, I will invite you to ask yourselfthis question: How can I serve others in the next day / month / year in a waythat creates joy for others and for myself?

The best times to join us are just before the first sittingat 7 pm; at 7:25, at the beginning of walking meditation; and, at 7:35, at thebeginning of the second sitting. (To allow others to maintain concentration andcontinuity, we ask that practitioners not enter during the walking meditation.)

Warm wishes,


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Discussion Date: Thu, Sep 22, 2005


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