Dharma Topic: How Unique and Precious We Are

Dharma Topic: How Unique and Precious We Are

Discussion date: Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at our weekly Thursday evening practice

Dear Still Water Friends,

My dear friends,
Linda O’Neil, a friend and an occasional visitor to our Thursdayevening program, died suddenly last week. I knew Linda initiallythrough her close friendship with my wife, Jan. At first, she and I hadsomething of an arm’s-length relationship. But over the last couple ofyears I got to know her as a friend, too, and I came to deeplyappreciate her sensitivity, her openness, and her sense of humor. I wasalso profoundly touched by her rapport with our young son, Daniel. Shehad an effortless way of meeting him on his own terms, while engaginghim in a way that made him want to move toward hers.

So in addition to being with Jan’s loss, I have been goingthrough my own shock, sadness, anger, grief, and remorse. Slowly and insmall pieces, I am also connecting with the thanks I feel for the giftof Linda’s life. It’s taking time; grief has a way ofeclipsing gratitude. But I feel the continuation of her special presence, and I clearly see the lesson of interbeing: thateach of us is a unique and precious continuation of those who touch us.

This Thursday evening, after our meditation period, we will practice“The Five Earth Touchings,” a ceremony which helpsawaken us to our history and to our relationships. Afterwards, ourdiscussion will begin with this question: 

In what ways are you a unique and precious continuation of those who have touched, or are touching, your life?


Click here to read The Five Earth Touchings.

Discussion Date: Thu, Jun 22, 2006


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