Dharma Topic: Mind and Body Together

Dharma Topic: Mind and Body Together

Discussion date: Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at our weekly Thursday evening practice

Dear Still Water Friends,

This Thursday evening, following our regular meditation session, wewill watch an excerpt from the recently completed 21-Day Retreat atPlum Village, the Breath of the Buddha. In the excerpt we will view,Thay reads from the Anapanasati Sutra, or the Discourse on the FullAwareness of Breathing. This is one of the Buddha’s mostbasic and instructive teachings.

As a practitioner, I know I often think of meditation as apractice of mind. But in this sutra, the Buddha explains that thoughdistinguishable, the mind and body are interrelated, and thatmeditation involves both mind and body processes. In the excerpt fromthe talk that we will view together this week, Thay presents thefoundations of mindfulness, including the notion that our breathbelongs to our bodies. 

“Breathing,” Thay instructs, “is the door by which you can enter the body.”

Please join us this Thursday, if you can, at Crossings for meditation and this teaching from Thay. 

This week, the gathering will begin at 6:30pm with anOrientation to Still Water. It’s an opportunity for those who are newto the practice to ask questions about basic mindfulness practices andthe Still Water community, and for experienced practitioners to sharetheir experiences. Please come if you can. It is helpful to let us know you will be coming by emailing info@stillwatermpc.org.

The first sitting meditation begins at 7:00 pm, and will befollowed by walking meditation, a second sitting meditation period, avideo excerpt of Thay’s talk and a dharma discussion. The besttimes to arrive are just before 7:00, or just before the second sitbegins, at approximately 7:35.



Discussion Date: Thu, Aug 03, 2006


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