Dharma Topic: Mindful Breathing

Dharma Topic: Mindful Breathing

Discussion date: Thu, Jul 20, 2006 at our weekly Thursday evening practice

Dear Still Water Friends,

On Thursday we will see excerpts from the first talk by Thich Nhat Hanhduring this past June’s three week retreat, “The Breath ofthe Buddha.” Thay (his short name, which means“teacher”) observed he has a reputation for teaching onlybreathing. “It’s true!” he said, and everyone laughed.

In this first lecture, you will see why mindful breathing is soprecious and so central to Thay’s teaching. Breathing mindfullyis the one practice that we can do anywhere; it leads us back to ourtrue self, connects our body and mind together and nourishes usunconditionally. No chewing necessary!

You are invited to join us this Thursday, July 20, for meditation,walking and a dharma discussion. The best times to join us are:

    * Just before the first sitting at 7 pm;
    * At 7:25, at the beginning of walking meditation; or,
    * At 7:35, at the beginning of the second sitting.

Warm wishes,
Lynda Martin-McCormick

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Discussion Date: Thu, Jul 20, 2006


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