Dharma Topic: Touchings of the Earth

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Dear Still Water Friends,


This Thursday evening, July 29, after our 7:30 sitting, we will do Touchingsof the Earth, a form of guided movement meditation. Instead of doing one ofthe Touchings we have done in the past, we will dothree Touchings from ThichNhat Hahn’s new book "Touching the Earth:Intimate Conversations with the Buddha."

Thebook has 46 Touchings that help us to recognize andadjust our motivation and behavior.  Asthe title of the book suggests, they are conversations with ourselvesand the Buddha within that ground our practice and our aspirations. They help us recognize where we have been and where we want to go. 

Thecentral component to all of them is Beginning Anew, the commitment to beginagain with an open heart.  Theintroduction to the book, which is transcribed below, describes best what the Touchingsare about. 

Wehope you can join us.