My Nature Is The Ocean Water

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Dear Still Water Friends,

One of the aspects of mindfulness practice I truly love is that it can begin with the most simple act:

Breathing in, I am aware of breathing in.
Breathing out, I am aware of breathing out.

Then, step by step, as our mind settles and our awareness grows, we open wider and wider to the wonder of the present moment.

This Thursday evening, after our meditation period, we will practice together the Three Touchings of the Earth.

TheFirst Touching reminds us that the present moment is part of a flowingthrough time: each moment encompasses the past and the future.

TheSecond Touching reminds us that the present moment flows across space,there are no hard boundary between myself and others, between myselfand the rest of nature.

The Third Touching reminds us that we are simultaneously individual and universal:

Thedisintegration of this body does not touch me, just as when the plumblossom falls it does not mean the end of the plum tree. I see myselfas a wave on the surface of the ocean. My nature is the ocean water. Isee myself in all the other waves and see all the other waves in me.The appearance and disappearance of the form of the wave does notaffect the ocean.

During our dharma discussion we will reflecton whether and how mindfulness practice has altered our sense of self.Those who attended the recent retreat with Thay are especiallyencouraged to come and share their experiences.  

Thecomplete text of the Three Touchings is available on our Go to “Articles and Resources,” and then to”Still Water Mindfulness Ceremonies.”

Warm wishes,

Mitchell Ratner
Senior Teacher