Special Touchings of the Earth

Special Touchings of the Earth

Discussion date: Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at our weekly Thursday evening practice

Dear Still Water Friends,

This Thursday, while Mitchell is away, I will be offering you apractice of Touching the Earth that is very special to me. This pastsummer, while I was in Plum Village, Sister Chan Khong presented hervery beautiful guided Touchings, and taught us how to customize theseTouchings for our own lives. During this practice, I got in touch withsome of the beautiful aspects of my roots, ones that I had never reallyfelt before. Sr. Chan Khong suggested that we create our own Touchingspractice when we went home, and that we try to practice them for atleast 21 days in a row. Because I was so moved by the practice, Ifollowed her instructions and practiced my own version of her Touchingsfor the next few months.

This practice created a verystrong root in me, one that I hadn’t really felt before this. I feltempowered by the strong root, and more connected to the strong andhealthy seeds within me. She describes the practice as being like thetrunk and roots of a tree, rather than like the branches. In a storm,when we look at the branches of a tree, we see it moving so much, thatwe think the tree won’t survive such a storm. When we look at the trunkand roots, we see that the tree will be just fine. I started to feellike I could withstand so much!

The more that we bringour awareness down into our body, and away from our thoughts, and themore we focus on the deep roots that we have in our blood ancestors,our land ancestors, and our spiritual ancestors, the more stable andconfident we become. We find the deeper sense of self that is withinus, instead of always focusing on our little separate self. We connectwith all of the support that we already have within, and we becomestrong like the roots and the trunk of the tree.

Asusual, Our meditation period begins at 7. The best times to join us arejust before 7, at the beginning of the session; at 7:25, just beforethe walking meditation; or at 7:35, just after the walking meditation.

I am excited to offer you this practice on Thursday, so you can take it home and make it your own.

I hope to see you then.

With much love,

Annie Mahon

Discussion Date: Thu, Mar 22, 2007


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