About Dana

Dana is a gift given from the heart.
It brings joy and benefit to both the giver and the receiver.

The mindfulness teachings are freely offered. If you desire, you may offer a gift in return.

Donate Now through credit card or direct deposit from your checking account.

Dana and the Still Water Community

Since its inception in 1999, the Still Water MPC has been guided by an ancient Buddhist principle known as Dana or Generosity. What this has meant in practice is that most of our activities and programs have no required fee. When there are fees, such as for retreats, provisions are made so that those with limited financial resources can still attend. No one has been turned away.

Another essential aspect of Dana is that people who come to activities, or simply appreciate what is done, make donations so that the teaching can continue. Donations of time, expertise, and financial resources make it possible for Still Water to continue to offer programs and activities. It is an economy of gifts — in which everyone gives freely from their hearts. The givers and the receivers inter-are.

Where does Dana go?

Donations support rental fees, operational costs, community supplies, scholarships to Plum Village retreats, class expenses, and especially, remuneration for Still Water’s Senior Teacher, whose full-time work is to teach mindfulness and manage our community. The amount of remuneration is set each year by the Still Water MPC Board of Directors, with the understanding that it is fully paid only when resources allow. More information about Still Water’s income and expenses is available on the Our Organic Organization page.

How much is enough?

Like a gift to a loved one, a gift of Dana comes from our heart and is appropriate to the circumstances. Every gift is appreciated and every practitioner treasured. If you need further guidance, please consider giving $10 or more at a Thursday or Sunday evening gathering and $5 or more at a morning sitting. Currently, most of our income comes from active supporters who contribute $20 to $350 a month as monthly donors. Learn More about becoming a monthly donor.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes. The Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center is a federally recognized (501-c3) non-profit religious organization, incorporated in the state of Maryland. Donations are tax exempt to the fullest extent allowed by law. Each February, for tax purposes, Still Water MPC sends an acknowledgment letter to each person or family who has contributed a total of $100 of more in donations the previous year.

Can I contribute by mail?

Yes. Dana donations can be sent to:
Still Water MPC
P.O. Box 11360
Takoma Park, MD 20913

Can I donate appreciated stock?

Yes. At the request of several Still Water participants we have established a special account to receive donations of appreciated stock. For many people it is the most tax efficient way to make a contribution to Still Water. If you would like to explore this possibility, please email Info@StillWaterMPC.org or call ‭(240) 285-9516‬.


Thank you so much. On behalf of the community, the Still Water Working Group thanks you for your practice and your support.

Donate Now through credit card or direct deposit from your checking account.