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Becoming a Monthly Donor

Practitioners who commit to monthly or yearly contributions are the mainstay of Still Water’s financial support.

How large of a contribution is appropriate? Every Dana contribution is a personal decision influenced by many factors. A traditional answer to the question “How much?” is “Give until your heart is full.” Please know that every gift is appreciated and every practitioner is treasured. However, to provide guidelines for donors, we have established three suggested donor levels:

up to $50 per month
$51 to $100 per month
$101 or more per month
If you would like to become a Still Water MPC monthly donor, please download the Monthly Donor Form, complete it, and email it to, place it in a Still Water Dana basket, or mail it to:

Still Water MPC
P.O. Box 11360
Takoma Park, MD 20913

On behalf of the community, the Still Water Working Group thanks you for your practice and your support.


More information about each of the payment options is below:

Online Bill Payment

Currently, most of our Monthly Donors use online bill payment. If you use online banking, you can set up regular payments to be sent to the address above.

Handwritten checks to Still Water MPC

Of course you can write checks to the Still Water MPC. Each month (or quarter, half-year, or year) you can mail a check to the address above, or you can drop a check in the Dana Basket at any Still Water MPC event. Please indicate in the note section that the contribution is part of a monthly pledge.

Online and credit card payments

Still Water MPC is set up to receive online payments through PayPal, which can be funded from Master-Card, VISA, American Express and others credit cards. Please donate using the link below:



Donation of appreciated stock

For some people the donation of appreciated stock it is the most tax efficient way to make a contribution to Still Water. If you would like to explore this possibility, please contact Still Water MPC at (301) 270 8353 or