Becoming a Monthly Donor

Practitioners who commit to monthly or yearly contributions are the mainstay of Still Water’s financial support.

How large of a contribution is appropriate? Every Dana contribution is a personal decision influenced by many factors. A traditional answer to the question “How much?” is “Give until your heart is full.” Please know that every gift is appreciated and every practitioner is treasured.

The suggested donation to the Dana basket at one of our evening sittings is $10 or more. Therefore, for convenience, regular attendees often enroll as monthly donors at $50 or $60 per month. Recognizing the many contributions Still Water makes to their lives and the wider world, many Still Water practitioners give more. Currently, the range of our monthly donations is from $20 to $350. 

If you would like to become a Still Water MPC monthly donor, please make your donations through one of the methods below.

On behalf of the community, the Still Water Working Group thanks you for your practice and your support.

Payment Options

Online credit card or ACH bank transfer payment:

You can make recurring credit card or ACH bank transfer donations on our Donation Page.

  • On the “Give to Dana Contribution — Online”  line use the down arrow to change to “Give to Monthly/Yearly pledge.”
  • On the “Give this One Time” line use the down arrow to change to “Give this Monthly” or another option, such as “Give this yearly.”
  • On the “Give by Credit/Debit Card” line leave as is or use the down arrow to change to “Give by ACH bank transfer” (ACH is similar to online bill payment, but it is done electronically without an actual check.)

(Cost to you: zero. Cost to us: a transaction fee of about three percent for credit and debit cards and one percent for ACH transfers.)

Online Bill Payment

You can set up one time or regular payments to Still Water MPC through your bank’s bill pay service. Just tell your bank the amount, how often, and to send payment to Still Water MPC, P.O. Box 11360, Takoma Park, MD 20913.

(Cost to you: zero. Cost to us: zero.)

Handwritten checks to Still Water MPC

You can write and send checks to the Still Water MPC. Each month (or quarter, half-year, or year) you can mail a check to Still Water MPC, P.O. Box 11360, Takoma Park, MD 20913.  Please indicate in the note section that the contribution is part of a monthly pledge.

(Cost to you: stamps, time, and memory strain. Cost to us: zero.)

Donation of appreciated stock

For some people the donation of appreciated stock or transfers from a retirement account are the most tax efficient way to make a contribution to Still Water. If you would like to explore this possibility, please contact Still Water MPC at ‭(240) 285-9516‬ or