Evening Practice at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension

Evening Practice at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension

Sun, September 24

Sun, September 24, 8:45 am3:30 pm

Sun, September 24, 8:45 am – Sun, September 24, 3:30 pm

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Our practice is to take refuge in the present moment because the present moment is always available. The present moment is full of life, full of wonders. We don’t have to run towards the future to get it. You are already a wonder and surrounding you are wonders you can experience, if you know how to stop and to become fully present.
-- Thich Nhat Hanh

Many of us take little time in our daily lives to come back to ourselves. We are focused on schedules and tasks, and on meeting other people's needs. A day of practice allows us to refresh ourselves and to more deeply experience the flow of life around and through us.

During our day together, we will practice sitting and walking meditation, mindful eating and movement, and learn and share how we can come home to ourselves in each moment.
Our Day of Practice will be led by Mitchell Ratner, Scott Schang, Tim McCormack, and Eliza King of the Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center.

We will meet in the Octagon at Blueberry Gardens in Ashton, Maryland. The suggested Dana (donation) is $50-$80. Dana is a gift from the heart that supports the community and the teachings; please feel free to contribute less or more depending on your circumstances.

We hope you can join us! All experience levels, including no meditation experience, are welcome. If you have questions, please email our registrar, Gene Klinger, at 4genek@gmail.com or call 240-731-3732.

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Blueberry Gardens: A Center for Yoga, Growth, and Healing

237 Ashton Road

Ashton, MD 20861


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