Evening Practice at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension

Evening Practice at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension

Sun, May 28

Sun, May 28, 8:45 am3:30 pm

Sun, May 28, 8:45 am – Sun, May 28, 3:30 pm

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Volition is your aspiration, your deepest desire, what you want to do with your life. This is a very powerful source of energy that helps us to be alive. Yet many of us don’t take the time to sit down and identify our deepest desires. If your deepest desire in you is to help save our planet, this is good nourishing food…. But if your deepest desire is to have more money, fame, power, and sensual pleasure, this is toxic food that leads to craving, attachment, overwork, taking what should go to others, and other forms of living without mindfulness. – Thich Nhat Hanh, The Mindfulness Survival Kit: Five Essential Practices

How long has it been since you’ve thought about your deepest desire? Perhaps, like many of us, you find yourself running through your days, trying to meet your responsibilities at home and at work, trying to make sure your loved ones are taken care of. Perhaps the uncertain and tumultuous times we live in are causing you to think about becoming more socially active, but there are so many urgent issues that need attention: climate change, racism, immigration, the criminal justice system, to name just a few. How can we choose wisely how to get involved? How can we avoid burnout?

When we notice that we’re running here and there to meet our commitments, and we’re feeling stressed and that there is not enough time for everything we’ve taken on, we can find some relief by following the practices Thich Nhat Hanh has taught us: stopping, breathing mindfully, and bringing our awareness to the present moment. Then we might like to look more deeply at our commitments. Have we taken on too many? Have we committed to things that don’t energize us or bring us joy? Are our commitments in sync with what is most important to us in our lives?

In our day together, we’ll take time to refresh and center ourselves through practicing mindful breathing, sitting, walking, and eating. We’ll look deeply to identify our deepest aspirations for ourselves, our families, our society, and the Earth. We’ll explore how we spend our time: Could we possibly eliminate activities that neither serve the world nor bring us joy?

The day of practice will be led by Still Water’s Senior Teacher, Mitchell Ratner, and experienced practitioners Connie Anderson, Eliza King, Scott Schang, and Tim McCormack. We’ll meet in the Octagon at Blueberry Gardens in Ashton, Maryland. The suggested dana (donation) is $50-$80. Dana is a gift from the heart that supports the community and the teachings; please feel free to contribute less or more depending on your circumstances.

We hope you can join us! All experience levels, including no meditation experience, are welcome. To register, please go to www.StillWaterMPC.org. If you have questions, please email our registrar, Gene Klinger, at 4genek@gmail.com or call 240-731-3732.

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