Go as A River, Creating Peace Together  —  Still Water Mindful Family Retreat

Go as A River, Creating Peace Together — Still Water Mindful Family Retreat

Fri, May 6 Sun, May 8

Fri, May 6, 8:00 am7:00 pm

Fri, May 6, 8:00 am – Sun, May 8, 7:00 pm

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It sometimes can seem challenging to cultivate a sense of safety and stability for ourselves and our children, when we find ourselves in times of great political and social turbulence. In Creating Peace Together, Thich Nhat Hahn wrote of the essential nature of practice within spiritual community, the sangha, to support our aspirations for peace within ourselves, our families, and society:

If we are a drop of water and we try to get to the ocean as only an individual drop, we will surely evaporate along the way. To arrive at the ocean, you must go as a river. The sangha is your river. In our daily practice, we learn how to be a part of this river. We learn how to look with sangha eyes, how to walk with sangha feet, how to feel with a sangha heart. We have to train ourselves to see the happiness of our community as our own happiness and to see the difficulties of our community as our own difficulties. Once we are able to do this, we will suffer much less. We will feel stronger and more joyful. As members of a sangha, we can develop our individual talent and our individual potential, and at the same time contribute to and participate in the talent and happiness of the entire group. Nothing is lost; everyone wins. A sangha has the power to protect and carry us, especially in difficult times. We have a better chance to develop our potential and protect ourselves when we participate in the work of sangha building.

The Sangha River is a community of friends who practice the way of harmony, awareness, and compassion. In the sangha we practice mindful walking and breathing. The sangha radiates a collective energy that can support us and make us strong. The sangha is a boat that transports us and prevents us from sinking into the ocean of suffering. This is why it is so important that we take refuge in the sangha. Allow your community to hold you, to transport you. When you do, you will feel more solid and stable and will not risk drowning in your suffering. Taking refuge in a sangha is not a matter of belief. "I take refuge in the Sangha" is not a statement of faith; it is a practice. As a river, all the individual drops of water arrive together at the ocean. ~Thich Nhat Hanh in Creating True Peace

Still Water’s Mindful Family Retreat offers an opportunity to immerse ourselves and our children in practice with the Sangha River. Together, we take part in mindful practices that can be continued in daily life, whether at home with family, at school, or in general community. Together, we take care of the misunderstanding and suffering within ourselves and our families, so that we can be peace for others.

2013-ch-singThe retreat is child-inclusive and intentionally intergenerational, with a broad and inclusive definition of “family”. All participants who share the aspirations of
the retreat are welcome.

We gather with retreat facilitators Lori Perine and Tim McCormack for a relaxed and joyful mindful weekend infused with a gentle rhythm of mindfulness practice, arts and crafts projects, nature exploration, planned and free play, and service to our retreat sangha. Children are invited to learn and lead basic practices of mindful living in community. Adult practice is supported by early morning sitting and walking meditations, as well as dharma discussions on parenting and practice in the family. The setting at the confluence of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay is beautiful, and offers opportunities to explore and engage in mindful play and activities in a variety of natural habitats. There will also be time to relax, paddle canoes, play music and enjoy being together.

Cost: The Still Water MPC has established a sliding scale for our retreats so that all may attend:

Contribution Level

Lodge- Adult





















You are welcome to contribute any amount between the limited-income contribution and the benefactor contribution (or more if you wish), in accord with the urgings of your heart and your means and circumstances.

With your contributions, Still Water MPC is better able to meet its financial obligations, support its teachers, develop new programs, create space for those with limited incomes, and offer no-cost community events. If contributing at even the limited-income level would be a hardship, please let us know and we will endeavor to make other arrangements with you.

NOTE: All contributed amounts above the Limited Income level are considered by the Still Water MPC to be voluntary, tax-deductible donations.

Space in the lodge is very limited, so please register early.

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For more information, please contact the retreat registrar, Lori, at singingheartmystic@gmail.com or call her at 301-948-9118

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