Hello Anxiety My Old Friend; Working with Self-compassion

in: Dharma Topics
Discussion Date: Thu, Aug 22, 2019

Dear Still Water Friends,

When I was a teenager I suffered from a lot of anxiety. I began my practice of meditation around this same time. The year was 1979 and I recently graduated from high school and had the overwhelming feeling that I needed to navigate my own path in what appeared to be the great scary unknown. I felt overwhelmed. I could feel it in my body like a live electrical current.

Over the years my old friend anxiety has resurfaced again and again up from the basement of my being and into the living room. In fact, it is always there–deep inside. It is also not alone. Anger, sadness, joy, contentment, are also all there and accompany the large field of bodily-sensations (“felt senses”) within the body. The body-sensations I am referring to are felt senses in the body that originate and first present... Continued

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