Loving, But Not Liking, Ourselves

in: Dharma Topics
Discussion Date: Thu, Feb 29, 2024

Dear Still Water Friends,

As a psychotherapist, I believe that self-love — to value and treat yourself in a loving way — is an important part of cultivating happiness and resilience. But, if I am honest, sometimes it seems like self-love isn’t as easy to access as I would like. At times, I feel like l am on a roller-coaster of self-worth. One day, I’m riding high with strong self-regard and then feeling full of self-criticism the next.

When I’ve turned to Thích Nhất Hạnh’s (Thầy’s) talks and writings for guidance about how to feel better about myself, I’ve been uncertain about what his guidance meant for me.

Below is the beginning of Thầy’s response to a similar question in May of 2014 at Plum Village:

How do you love yourself? First of all,... Continued

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